Al Sarab


The Al Sarab Law Office was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2015. The Al Sarab Law Office has the capacity to provide legal services in Baghdad, Basra, and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Al Sarab Law Office combines the extensive expertise of its members who have a wealth of experience practicing law and providing legal advice in Iraq and the Middle East. Our vast experience provides a solid foundation to successfully meet your legal requirements in Iraq. Working on a variety of legal matters, from litigation to arbitration, Al Sarab Law Office has collaborated with important international clients and respected law firms and lawyers throughout the MENA region and the world. We understand the expectations of large international companies. We appreciate the importance of timely action and the need to meet deadlines. We also understand the importance of clear, detailed communication, and regular client updates. The Al Sarab Law Office specializes in representing local and foreign clients conducting business in Iraq. We are available to assist clients worldwide with the myriad of legal issues that may arise from conducting business in Iraq.